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About Justin

Justin holds a degree in Technology Management from of Thomas Edison State College and is a Project Management Professional (PMP). He has exceptional attention to detail. 

Justin loves the Tarrant County area and is familiar with all of the local neighborhoods. Justin puts a special emphasis on marketing, knowing that will help his customer’s get top value for their homes. 


Books Authored By Justin Luyt

Navigate a Divorced Home Situation

Going through a divorce is a tough time for both parties. It leaves so many questions about what to do with the house. I wrote this book to help couples in this situation and guide them on the best ways to deal with their house. You hear so many stories about fighting, problems and unfair distributions.

This will answer all those questions and more. It covers the implications of going to court over the house, things to know, dealing with uncooperative spouses and everything else to get you through this.

Don’t let a situation in which you want to sell your home quickly or cash out with your spouse as fast as possible cost you thousands of dollars. Get your free copy of the book now.

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(817) 692-9403 ~ Contact Me